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Gloria M. Rabil


I am a storyteller, performer, and mother. My adventure in becoming a writer has been a long journey of detours, bumps, and iffy overpasses, pretty much everything but a straight road. Every writer’s path is different; some have known their whole lives they wanted to be writers, and some didn’t realize until they were much older. That would be me, so trust me when I say it is never too late to start.

Writing is difficult, especially since we writers tend to have a hard time sitting down to write, you know, the action that makes us writers. Unfortunately, there is no replacement for doing the work. Believe me, if I had one, I’d give it to you. I’d give it to everyone because I believe we all have a story to tell. That is why I started Prose Story Consulting, to help writers tell their stories and find a way to make the process easier while remembering how fun and fulfilling writing can be. I promise it can be fun again.

Most writers have experienced writer’s block or life circumstances that derailed projects or the dreaded imposter syndrome; it’s not the worst thing to go through, but it sure can make you feel insignificant. You are not insignificant. What is the secret to continuing to sit down even when life keeps trying to pull the chair out from under you? A support system. Support from fellow writers, friends, and someone who can empathize with you while helping you continue the work. If it’s not apparent, that last one is me. Saying “The End” on a project, whether on paper or in your sweet, creative mind, is a great feeling, and I want to help you get there. 

Alyssa Rabil

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Alyssa graduated from the University of Montana with a degree in journalism. She has an eye for detail and loves getting ARCs. Her favorite part of proofreading is getting to know new characters and hearing new stories.

When Alyssa Rabil isn’t experiencing a full-blow existential meltdown, she’s writing. In her poetry, she writes about Lucifer, The Patron Saint of Flame. In her romance novels, she likes to put her characters through Hell to see if they can survive. Most of the time, they do.

Alyssa has two books available through Pride Publishing and one, her most recent novel, available through Bella Books. She lives in Missoula, Montana, and enjoys photographing wildlife and hanging out with her cats.  

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