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Services can include:

  • Editing narrative structure

  • Setting milestones

  • Long-term and short-term goal-setting

  • Accountability and support on deadlines 

  • Multiple read-throughs with feedback

  • Assistance with re-writes

  • Meetings over video/phone or in person

  • Available by email for check-ins

  • Assistance approaching outline for undeveloped ideas

  • Developing and analyzing your story structure

Understanding the uniqueness of a work in progress and its importance to the writer is an essential part of the consulting process. I take a holistic approach when working with you to set goals and identify which writing habits are best for your life. Together we will determine the tools you need to finish your story.

Consultant fees vary per project. Hourly rates are available as well as packages.

Please don't hesitate to reach out on the contact page for a quote and free consultation. 

Have a writer in your life? Gift certificates are available.

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