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Client Testimonials

“I met Gloria over lunch at a writing conference, where she asked me about my work in progress. I pitched my book, "Letters to my Son in Prison: Dear Lucas..." and after sixty seconds had tears in her eyes. She got it. She instantly emotionally connected to my plight and my desperate effort to use letters to reach my son, who suffered years of addiction and was serving a ten-year prison sentence. Gloria asked great questions and immediately knew the essentials of my story. I knew right then I wanted her to be involved in my project. Intuitively she knew the critical touch-points and that the book was not about Lucas; it was about me. The book had many Biblical references, and while she was sympathetic to that perspective, she didn't want it to eclipse the universal message--a significant insight. Her input has proved spot-on and helped me develop a healthy tone for the book. A tone not too raw but raw enough to be intriguing.”
– Ken Guidroz author of, "Letters to My Son in Prison"
Winner of American Writing Awards' 2023 Book of the Year for Narrative Nonfiction 

“Whenever I have a project in the arts, Gloria is the first person I turn to for advice. She helps me find my center and see what is motivating me to do it. When I have a story to share, she is the first person I want to share with because she will ask the hard questions and push me to answer them to make the story better. Gloria is the kind of person you want in your court because she will support and guide you to get the project done. She identifies opportunities to tighten the work and ways to decrease the effort without losing the artistic vision. When you are putting a team together to do the impossible, Gloria is the person who shows up and says, 'How can I help?'" You always want Gloria on your team.”
– Paul Normandin – Moth Grand Slam Winner, Storyteller, and Actor

“Gloria sees the big picture without losing sight of the details. When I came to her, my manuscript was a mess. The essays were clunky, and the order was all wrong. Gloria was able to help structure my writing so that it made sense and read smoothly. She gave me a jumping-off point from which I could knit together a manuscript that was true to my original intent.”


– Ilene Haddad, creator of and author of the upcoming Memoir "I've Seen You Naked Over 8,000 Times and Other Risks of a One-Night Stand."

“I owe a great deal to Gloria. Her insight helped me focus on a new genre. She picked up on my enthusiasm and intuitively helped clarify the heart and soul of my writing. Her skill and insight augmented her creative intuition as an editorial consultant. She worked with me on conceptual edits and a structural overhaul of the manuscript. Essentially, I owe my writing career and my choice of a new path, the right path, to her.”
– Dave Deming

"Gloria is an amazing writing coach and editor. She gave me exactly the kind of feedback I was looking for, and I could tell she understood my needs as a writer. Her input will help my book to be as good as I can make it."

– Ann Lo

"I am not the kind of person who enjoys working in groups. I'm a solo-creative, I like to be in charge, and that has always worked for me. But working with Gloria on my stories, I feel like we wander into and explore ideas I never would have found on my own, and together we always end up in a place more interesting and exciting than I would have found on my own. Plus, Gloria is truly *for* people: she genuinely wants to be in the audience cheering for me. And because she has invested so much into the storytelling community, she is always introducing me to staple events, groups, teachers, and tellers. Gloria has been a huge part of me falling in love with storytelling and plugging into the community."

- Lauren Feinberg

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